【Axie Infinity】英語版:初心者が知るべきポイント


Axie Infinity: Tips for beginners

This article is intended for scholars and other players who are just starting to play Axie Infinity. These are 6 simple tips that I believe all players should be aware of.

1.The game is still in development

All players should understand that Axie Infinity is still in development. Since this is a developing game in a genre that no game company has ever created before, glitches, data delays, and other lags occur frequently. Currently there are days when it is not possible to play the game due to the great growth in the number of players. There are a lot of players on social media spewing out their frustrations about not being able to play. Blaming the game administrators will not help you. Thanks to the daily efforts of the management team for the past four years, a game revolution is now underway. If the glitches and inability to play the game are stressing you out, then back off and wait quietly for the game to be completed. If you understand this and still want to play, make sure you have the physical and mental space to do so.

2.The first goal is to complete the daily quests every day

Completing all daily quests will give you 50 SLPs as a reward.
The daily quests reset everyday, so you can earn 50 SLPs each day by completing them again.
If you want to make sure that you are playing to earn, make sure you complete this daily quest.

There are three daily quests in total (same content every day)
1) Log in to the game, go to the “Daily Quest" menu and press the “Check In" button
2) Complete 10 stages at “Adventure"
3) Win 5 matches at “Arena"
Once you have completed all of them, be sure to press the “Claim" button on the Daily Quest menu to receive your reward.

Daily quests in Adventure mode can be completed by repeating the same stage.

3.Level up your axies

Clearing the “Adventure Mode" with energy remaining will increase the experience and level of your axies.
Spend all your energy on Adventure for the first two to four weeks of play.
Leveling up will be the most difficult part of the game, but once you are able to clear stage 20 of the Adventure, the pain will turn into pleasure.
As a goal, I recommend spending energy in adventure mode until the tank’s HP rises to around 1000 and the rearguard’s card attack power rises to around 290. If you do so, you will be able to earn 100 SLPs in 30-40 minutes every day.

4.Don’t mind losing in Arena matches

In arena mode, there is no need to try to win from the beginning. In fact, it is nearly impossible for a beginner to win smoothly from the beginning. The game is designed in such a way that even if you keep losing, you will eventually run into other players of the same strength as you.

Although it is currently not displayed due to server load reduction, there is a “rate" in the arena, which is a numeric representation of a player’s combat power. All new players start with a rate of 1200. Winning a match will increase the player’s rate, while losing will decrease it. Arena matches are paired with players of similar rates. The more matches you play, the closer your rate will be to the right rate, so don’t be in a hurry if you lose 10 matches in a row in the first day, but understand that it is a process of adjusting your right rate.

Even if you look at the results of professional players, they lose 4 or 5 out of 10 games, so beginners should not be afraid of losing and just go for it. If you can get to the right rate, your win rate in the arena should settle around 50%.

5.The ultimate goal is to earn 75 SLPs every day

The system allows anyone to get up to 75 SLPs per day of play.
・50 SLPs of Adventure acquisition limit
・25 SLPs for completing daily quests
Keep these two points in mind as you play.

It is very difficult to get 50 SLPs at adventure mode from day one.
You need to clear the Adventure stage 5 and onwards in a roundabout way, so if you don’t have axies’ level up, it will take you more than 2 hours. Don’t push yourself too hard and play at a comfortable level.

If you are able to earn 75 SLPs per day, you will be able to accumulate about 2250 SLPs in a month.
Based on the price as of July 27th, it is calculated that you can earn the equivalent of about 85 USD per month.

6.Do not use multiple accounts, never

Axie Infinity’s management prohibits players from playing on more than one account.
If you are found to be playing with multiple accounts, all of those accounts and the axies they own will be banned.
You will not be able to recover the SLPs you have earned, so do not play with multiple accounts or engage in any suspicious activities.

Actions that will result in a ban even if you are not actually playing with multiple accounts
・Play on two or more accounts within 24 hours on the same device
・Play on behalf of someone else’s account who lives with you (if you have the same Internet connection)

The management is putting a lot of effort into counteracting multiple accounts by analyzing player device and Internet access information as well as each player’s playing patterns, so don’t take any risks and have fun playing within the rules.